The Home Buying Process


The home buying process is a lengthy and complicated one, and my goal is to make the process as stress-free and smooth as possible! During the search process, Alex and I are always available to show you homes, and we are happy to provide a market analysis for any home you're considering as an option so you know how the value compares with the asking price. We also take pride in crafting offers that explore every available option to maximize their appeal to the seller. During transactions, we take pride in giving you daily updates and negotiating diligently on your behalf. Jane also plays an important role during the transaction in making sure every pertinent party is receiving all important documents and administrative updates. We will be there every step of the way, through closing and beyond. Delivering you your new home's keys is always the peak of my day!


Initial Consultation: we use this meeting to discuss your timelines and expectations, market conditions, and different financing options. This is a great time to get your search started on the right foot and address any uncertainties or questions you may have!


Setting Up Your Search: using our exclusive access to the RMLS, where all listings in the region are posted, we are able to specify your search criteria by area, square footage, bedrooms and bathrooms, and thousands of other data points. These search results are sent to you immediately to make sure you never miss out on a home that's of interest.


Touring Houses: our goal is to help you tour a house of interest as soon as you're readily available. We schedule the tours, provide access, and are happy to offer insight into the homes we are touring, both for how the home functions as a commodity and how it works for you personally.


Writing Your Offer: once you've found a house you'd like to purchase, we guide you through the offer process. We'll help you decide on the terms of your offer, navigate the Oregon Real Estate forms together, and communicate with the property's seller or listing agent to find any edge we can to help you obtain the home. Once accepted, we'll make sure you have a fully executed sale agreement for your records.


Escrow Period: this is the portion of the process that we really enjoy, because it's where we can make the biggest difference for our clients. We'll schedule and attend your inspections, source any follow up bids needed to help determine the property's exact condition, and help you negotiate repairs for the home. This can take the form of seller-completed repairs or a closing credit. We'll make sure your lender is fully aware of this process so your loan stays up to date and can close on time. We'll also attend your signing, and once the home is yours we'll meet you there to give you your new keys!


Bill Grange

Principal Broker
I help you drive the buying process by meeting with you during the initial consultation and helping to answer any questions you may have, along with providing my expertise on market conditions and what to expect when purchasing a home. I'll also help you set up your home search and modify it should you like to change your criteria. Once you're ready to search for a home, I'll schedule and attend your showings and provide my expertise. I'll assist you in writing any offers and will lend my experience in deciding on price, timelines, and other terms. During the inspection process, I'll make sure that you feel comfortable and confident in the inspection results. I'll negotiate your repairs, keeping your specific buyer needs in mind. And, of course, I'll deliver your keys!

Alex Grimaldi

Assisting Broker
In addition to assisting Bill with the initial consultation, I play an sizable role in assisting you in arranging showings, touring homes, and providing input on the properties we're visiting. During the offer process, I lend my expertise in fine-tuning offer terms and ensuring your offer is specifically catered to the needs of the seller. I attend all your inspections and will collaborate with your inspectors in determining the property's condition and quality; I also will attend any needed follow-up inspections and contribute to the repair process. And, if Bill's schedule doesn't allow it, I'll happily usurp his key handoff duties!

Jane O'Connor

Transaction Coordinator
Once you are in contract on your dream home, I'll ensure you, your lender, escrow, and the listing agent all have the full complement of necessary documents. I'll also make sure to provide you with our transaction summary, which details all important dates and buyer responsibilities for the duration of the transaction!