Portland Oregon Real Estate Market RMLS Market Action Portland Oregon – January 2016 The RMLS Market Action is out for January 2016! The full market action report can be viewed HERE; however, I’ve summarized a few important points below: Inventory has risen a little bit from our record-low December 2015 numbers. We had 1.8 months of inventory in 1/16 as opposed to 1.2 months in 12/15. However, this […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market Radon Testing in Portland Oregon KGW News has recently published an article addressing radon levels in Portland. The full article can be found HERE. KGW mentions numerous zip codes around the city that are showing elevated radon levels compared to testing recorded in previous years. This is significant because radon, as the article mentions, is one of the nation’s leading […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market Who’s Moving to Oregon? The Oregon Office of Economic Analysis recently published their research – via their “Graph of the Week” posts on oregon.gov – on who has been migrating to Oregon over the last several years. The full article can be found HERE. I’ve also taken the liberty of summarizing some of the findings below: Oregon is seeing […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market The latest economic report for Portland Oregon’s housing market by Matthew Gardner The third quarter Gardner Report from Windermere’s Chief Economist Matthew Gardner has come out. As always, it provides an interesting look at the real estate markets in Oregon and Southwest Washington. Matt begins by making a note of the overall economic overview for Oregon. He observes that while September had a decline in employment and the rate […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market What are Portland’s Hottest Neighborhoods? Portland just had its hottest summer (3rd quarter) in years, with almost 10,000 homes sold in the Portland region between July and September. To put that in perspective, Q3 2015 in Portland had almost 2000 MORE solds than Q3 2014, which was an extremely busy real estate summer as well. The article below ranks the […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market Vancouver Sees Nation’s Largest Year-Over-Year Rent Hike; Portland and Seattle Tied in Third According to a study done by Apartment List, Vancouver, Washington, saw the nation's single largest rent hike year-over-year from July 2014 to July 2015. The study assessed the monthly listings on their website, of which there are several hundred thousand, and came up with the following percentage changes for 2 bedroom apartments: Vancouver's 2 bedroom […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market All-Cash Home Sales Down in Portland Area From 2014 Cash sales in the Portland Metro area totaled 21% of overall home purchases in May 2015, according to the analytics company CoreLogic. While over a fifth of homes selling for all cash is certainly a sizable percentage, this is down 1.2% from May 2014.  Link to Full Article: CLICK HERE This trend is likely welcome […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market Gardner Report – 2015, Second Quarter   Below is the 2015 Q2 report from Matthew Gardner, Windermere's Chief Economist. As you can see, with rising home prices and continued low market time, this is a very strong seller's market. Please contact me for a complimentary consultation if you're considering selling your home! In addition, I've had a lot of success in […]
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SE Portland, OR. Homes The Latest in Real Estate Fraud For most people, buying a home is the largest purchase they'll make in their lifetimes. Consequently, there is a substantial amount of money flowing around during a real estate transactions, with earnest money deposits, payment for inspections, and the transferring of funds at closing. Currently, we have a lot of mechanisms and vehicles to protect […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market Seattle’s New Zoning Proposal: What Can Portland Learn? Kriston Capps from City Lab (a subpublication of The Atlantic) recently came out with an article highlighting a proposal from a Seattle committee on how to combat the rising cost of housing and rapid population growth in the city. This committee, a hand-picked group of community leaders selected by Seattle's mayor and City Council. recommended […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market Revisiting the “End of the Trail” Most Oregonians know that Oregon City was the first incorporated city and capital of our fair state.  Since John McLoughlin and the Hudson Bay Company established the city in 1829, the land where the confluence of the Clackamas and Willamette Rivers meet has had quite a history.  For years lumber and paper mills were Oregon's bread and butter. […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market Cash is King We've heard the adage "Cash Is King" when talking about real estate.  However,  it has historically been associated with getting a "deal" or significantly lower purchase price.  In our local Portland real esate market, that "deals ship" sailed about two years ago.  That said, now many buyers looking to purchase in close-in Portland and attractive surrounding neighborhoods and cities are facing […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market Why Renting May Not Be a Bargain Purchasing a home often seems far out of reach for many who finally wish to own their own property.  Renting has always been thought of as being a more affordable alterantive than having to come up with a down payment or restoring low credit scores.  However, that sentiment seems to be changing.     With […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market There’s Something in the Air Did you know January is National Radon Awareness Month?   What is Radon?  Radon is a radioactive, naturally occurring element (gas) that is the byproduct from the natural breakdown of uranium in rock, soil, and water.  Radon moves up through the earth's surface following paths of least resistance.  Once inside our homes, if trapped, it can reach […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market The Oregon / SW Washington Economy "What do you think the maket will do next year?" "Are interest rates going up anytime soon?"  "What's happening with the local job market and is that going to impact my selling?"  "Am I better to buy/sell now vs. later?"   These are just a few of the questions I'm often asked by friends and […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market National vs. Local We read national real estate headlines and statistics all the time and it's easy to want to take those numbers and relate them to our own neighborhoods and homes.  It's important, however, to realize that real estate activity and markets are localized.  Just as it makes no sense to think what is happening in the Miami, FL real estate […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market How Would You Like to Sink Your Teeth into This Castle? I think most of us at one time or another dreamed of living in a castle.  But your dreams, or nightmares, can now become a reality, as the castle for Bram Stoker's Dracula is now on the market…for a mere £47million.  Is it time to own a little piece of history?  See this amazing castle http://goo.gl/yfsCz7  
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market How Much Lettuce Do You Need to Own a Home in These Cities??? This is a cool chart that shows the income needed for purchasing a median priced home in these 27 U.S. cities.  See how Portland stacks up to the rest of the country.  This might be fun to share with family, college students, etc.   Just click on the following link… http://goo.gl/1MqtSV
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market Home Improvement…It’s Your Show! It's well documented that the housing recovery has been in full swing since January 2012.  That's when we saw investors start jumping in the housing market, snatching up many of the short sales and foreclosure properties and either flipping them or turning them into rental properties.  Since then, home values have continued to increase and […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market Looking for Extra Income??? Here in Portland, ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) are popping up all over.  ADU's are an approved, separate living area on your own property.  It can be a converted basement, a converted garage, an addition over a garage, or independant structure on your property.  Not only can you benefit by adding extra monthly income as a […]