The Home Selling Process

The home selling process can be a challenging one, and my goal is to make the process as easy on you - and as fiscally beneficial - as possible! During the process, I'll help you price your home, prepare it for sale, navigate the showing process, and negotiate the best offer and repair outcome possible to meet your selling needs.


Initial Consultation: we use this meeting to discuss your home's features, your goals in selling the property, and to discuss value and a marketing plan unique to you and your property. I'll use a Comparative Market Analysis as my primary tool to valuate the property.


Preparing the Home for Sale: we'll make sure the home is "show ready", that all documents and pertinent information is in order, and that you feel comfortable with the upcoming showing schedule. We'll pay for professional photos and use them to design custom flyers and an online listing we'll distribute to the top 500 agents in the Portland area for maximum exposure.


On the Market: with the home on the market, we'll host open houses, broker tours, promote the listing at our office meeting, and ensure that any buyers touring are seeing the home promptly while still respecting your privacy. Once offers are received, we'll negotiate hard on your behalf and constantly solicit your input; it is important to remember that you as the seller are the final decision maker on selling your house!


Escrow Period: we will make sure the buyer's earnest money is promptly deposited in escrow, and we'll review contractual deadlines with you. We'll monitor the buyer's inspection process and negotiate any repairs to make sure you are getting the best deal you possibly can. We also supervise the buyer's appraisal and submit comparable homes to the appraiser to assist your home in appraising at the appropriate value. We'll attend your signing to make sure all documents are in order as well.


Bill Grange

Principal Broker
I assist you in preparing your home for sale by recommending alterations to the property, scheduling and paying for professional photography, providing a complementary staging consultation, and - of course - providing my value recommendation. I know communication is of the utmost importance when selling a home, so I'll make sure you're updated on every showing, every offer, and all feedback I receive once the home hits the open market. I'll negotiate firmly on your behalf, and I'll monitor the buyer's end of the transaction to keep everything running smoothly!

Alex Grimaldi

Assisting Broker
I'll assist Bill in providing the value recommendation for your home, and I'll attend the photography session and take detailed notes on the features and measurements of your home to apply to our online listing. I'll compile listing documents, and I'll also formulate your print and online marketing material so your home is receiving optimal exposure and premium branding. While your home is pending, I'll assist Bill in communicating and negotiating with the buyer's team, and I'll make sure escrow has received all the necessary documentation.