Portland Oregon Real Estate Market Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector Going to home inspections is one of the most interesting and favorite parts of my job. I’ve learned a tremendous amount about homes, how they are constructed, and how they function. However, for many of my fist time homebuyers, it can be one of the most worrisome times of the home buying process.  Here is […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market June 2018 Market Action The RMLS Market Action provides a monthly update of the Portland Metro Area’s market activity, and its June 2018 report was just published. Anecdotally, it feels like we are starting to see a more substantial “leveling off” in the market place, and the latest data seems to support that feeling. Among other statistics, we’re seeing: […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market June Update – Bill Grange Real Estate As the summer solstice and 90+ degree weather both mark our transition from spring to summer, we have a few exciting news items to share: Windermere Realty Trust ranked number one in 2017 sales volume in the Portland Metro area! While it is great to work with a company that has so many tools and […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market The Gardner Report- Oregon and SW Washington 1st Quarter Report My favorite local real estate economist, Mathew Gardner, just released his 1st quarter report for Oregon and SW Washington.  I truly appreciate how he can take a complex picture and present it in an understandable and tidy format. Some of his highlights: Oregon added 43,700 new jobs over the past 12 months. First quarter home […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market Portland and Low Housing Inventory As Alex and I continue to help buyers navigate the current market, we get a lot of questions on why the market is so skewed towards sellers. Inventory has been historically low in Portland for almost three years. “Months of inventory” is a statistic that divides active listings at the end of a given month […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market Relocating to Portland? Here’s a Fun Tool! We wanted to share living503.com, a relocation service from WFG National Title that delineates the Portland and Vancouver metro areas into neighborhood and suburb parcels and provides information about each segment of the cities. For example, there is a dedicated webpage for each of Portland’s 5 quadrants, and each page has subsections covering neighborhoods, amenities, […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market Real Estate Market Forecast for 2018 As we move further away from the holiday season, the real estate market has started to grind back into full gear. We have already received several calls from buyers and sellers looking to capitalize on this momentum. If the new year has prompted thoughts of buying our selling, we thought this Washington Post aggregation of […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market So You Want to Buy a Fixer-Upper… I often work with clients who, at least in passing, consider purchasing a “fixer” as their home. The advantages are obvious ones: cheaper entry price and a chance to make the home their own. However, fixing up a home can be a costly and time-consuming process without proper preparation. I’ve found a great article I […]
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Portland Oregon Real Estate Market Is the “Sell then Buy” Making a Comeback? The Oregonian’s real estate section (see HERE for article) has noted what agents are seeing at the ground level: market times are rising while the housing inventory remains low. Market conditions are still beneficial for sellers, as the low housing supply and rising prices make for a strong sellers’ market. However, the apex of the […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market Preparing for Fall Weather Fall in Portland is here! The beginning of autumn is the perfect time to check for home maintenance issues. The weather is mild and the sun still sets late in the day. Here is my checklist – learned over the course of many home inspections! – that I use to check for defects on my […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market Happy 100th Birthday to Portland’s Rose Test Garden! Portland’s famous International Rose Test Garden is turning 100 this summer! Perched gently on the West Hills with sweeping views of downtown PDX and Mt. Hood, the garden contains 650 rose varieties spread over 4.5 acres. Per the article from PDX Monthly (found here), there will be a centennial celebration this Saturday, August 26th, from […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market Is the Portland Market Finally Shifting? The Portland real estate market has been one of the hottest housing market’s in the nation over the last five years, seeing double digit appreciation in value year-over-year since January 2012. However, the May 2017 Case Shiller report showed an 8.89% appreciation for the previous 12 months. When comparing this to the 9.24% for the […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market March 2017 Greater Portland Market Activity As we head into the heart of spring and local temperatures finally on the rise, our local real estate market is heating up, as well (not that it ever cooled off). Portland area Realtors have been praying for more listings to hit the market to help make the prospect of selling one’s home and having […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market RMLS Market Action for Portland Oregon – May 2016 In the Portland Metro area, home prices continued to rise year-over-year, with an 11.9% average sales price increase from May 2015 to May 2016. The median sales price rose even more: 13.3%. The average price moved from $342,300 to $383,000, and the median price moved from $295,000 to $334,200. Months of inventory stayed steady at […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market Portland’s Home Values are Fastest Growing in United States According to the Case-Shiller Home Prices Indices, Portland’s home values have appreciated by 12% from January 2015 to January 2016, making it the fastest-growing market in the entire United States. This 12% figure is over double the national average for real estate appreciation. This rise in prices is stemming primarily from high demand and low […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market RMLS Market Action Portland Oregon – January 2016 The RMLS Market Action is out for January 2016! The full market action report can be viewed HERE; however, I’ve summarized a few important points below: Inventory has risen a little bit from our record-low December 2015 numbers. We had 1.8 months of inventory in 1/16 as opposed to 1.2 months in 12/15. However, this […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market Radon Testing in Portland Oregon KGW News has recently published an article addressing radon levels in Portland. The full article can be found HERE. KGW mentions numerous zip codes around the city that are showing elevated radon levels compared to testing recorded in previous years. This is significant because radon, as the article mentions, is one of the nation’s leading […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market Who’s Moving to Oregon? The Oregon Office of Economic Analysis recently published their research – via their “Graph of the Week” posts on oregon.gov – on who has been migrating to Oregon over the last several years. The full article can be found HERE. I’ve also taken the liberty of summarizing some of the findings below: Oregon is seeing […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market The latest economic report for Portland Oregon’s housing market by Matthew Gardner The third quarter Gardner Report from Windermere’s Chief Economist Matthew Gardner has come out. As always, it provides an interesting look at the real estate markets in Oregon and Southwest Washington. Matt begins by making a note of the overall economic overview for Oregon. He observes that while September had a decline in employment and the rate […]
Portland Oregon Real Estate Market What are Portland’s Hottest Neighborhoods? Portland just had its hottest summer (3rd quarter) in years, with almost 10,000 homes sold in the Portland region between July and September. To put that in perspective, Q3 2015 in Portland had almost 2000 MORE solds than Q3 2014, which was an extremely busy real estate summer as well. The article below ranks the […]